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Private Tour Guide india (private tour guide agra) established in 2005 after many years providing guiding and excursion services to 5-star hotels. We provide advice to help people travel better and see more of India.
We provide private tours for travelers throughout India, with my network of local tour guides, each of whom is keen to share their knowledge, experience and expertise.
We can create customized tours for you, we’re adaptable to clients’ needs and requests.
My team provides tour guides in many languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian – and more.
My guiding team are all Government Approved Guides with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

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Why Opt for a Private Tour Guide?

Private Tour Guide India in 2005, after many years providing guiding and excursion services for 5-star hotels.
Agra witnessed a golden era during the Mughal Period which included the construction of the Taj Mahal. I grew up listening to amazing stories of the past and learning about the Mughal Period and Indian Medieval History.
Opting for a private tour guide when exploring the Taj Mahal transforms your visit into an enriching experience. Unlike group tours, a private guide offers personalized attention, tailored to your interests, pace, and preferences. This means delving deeper into the history, architecture, and legends that make the Taj Mahal not just a monument but a living narrative of love, loss, and artistic finesse.

Few Words About Private Tour Guide India

  • My hometown is Agra, the legendary City of The Taj Mahal and I’m a Graduate of Agra University.
  • I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and I’ve led hundreds of tours and I’m certified by the Indian Government Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
  • I’m also a Member of the Approved Guides’ Association Agra and the Tourist Guides federation of India.
  • Private Tour Guide India provides tours for travellers throughout India, with expert and experienced local tour guides who are keen to share their knowledge, Taj Mahal Tour Guide|Private Tour Guide Inida experience and expertise with you.
  • Our aim is to help you travel better, see more of India and take away wonderful memories.
  • Let us share with you our passion for the Taj Mahal, Agra and Incredible India We’ll help you in exploring unbelievable India.
  • Come join us on an incredible journey in India!
  • Kishore Gupta, GM and Founder Private Tour Guide India


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